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Cool Baby Clothes - The Changing Styles of Baby Clothing

Cool Baby Clothes - The Changing Styles of Baby Clothing
By []Jay Stueve

How you chose to dress your baby similar to other things in life changes from generation to generation. It used to be that, when aside from heading out of the house, infants always wore one piece body suits or infant nightgowns. Moms and dads in those days gone by, just felt that since their kids mostly would just eat and sleep for the first several months of life, why dress them up when they probably were not going out.

In the fifties, you would see more infants actually wearing clothes at home, though cute frilly dresses with ruffled plastic pants for infant girls and sailor suits for small boys looked to be the typical wear for babies in that by gone age. Then came the sixties and babies wore torn jeans and tees with peace signs giving them an adorable quasi adult appearance. Today anything goes in baby clothing. You may dress your baby up like a little Paul Bunyan in flannel shirts and blue jeans complete with little tan work boots. Or it is possible to dress him or her similar to an avid fisherman complete with fishing vest and little hats. Then however you have the biker look, complete with leather vest and slick back hair and bandana. You can even get little suits that can make your youngster appear like one of the "good fellows". There is even a goth look for your infant. There is simply no end to how you can dress your infant in our day. One of the new fads in today's baby clothing is the punk look. Your kid when dressed in this type of garment can look like a combination of "Punky Brewster" and a member of a heavy metal band complete with cute little skulls and spiked hair that is if your baby has enough hair on his head to spike. However there are nevertheless the sailor suits and frilly dresses and let's not forget the camo baby clothes, the sunglasses and all the other infant accessories that is made to enhance whatever look you choose for your infant for that day.

Baby attire is big business nowadays and for good reason. Moms and dads get pleasure from showing off their children and there is no better way to pull attention to your infant than to dress him in a manner meant to impress those around him. What's more as a parent you realize that you can dress your newborn the way you like for only a minimal amount of time, as all too soon he will have developed his own taste and style and want to pick out his own attire. Go ahead have fun. Enjoy this day while you can. There's an entire array of clothing and baby gear to select from, from hats to shoes and everything in between. No matter whether you want him to dress like a geek or a freak, Mr. conservative or a biker there's a style of infant outfits to fit your children's individual and unique personality. Check out all the infant stuff out there just waiting for your child, the days of all in one pajamas are gone, now you can dress your child in the latest styles and looks and have pleasure doing just that.

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